Commercial Line – ICOM

It is at this level that we find the majority of yacht communications in use today.  And the reason behind that is this line has been around for decades.  This is conventional radio-to-radio analog communications in either VHF or UHF bands. And the reason its been around for decades is it works.  However, as pleasure yachts are getting larger and more solidly built, analog radio-to-radio communications don’t give the coverage that is needed, nor the rich features that are available with digital radios.  This line would give throughout deck communications but not throughout vessel communications.

For these reasons, Highland Wireless believes this line should mostly be used in yachts under 50m in length.  However, that’s not to say a higher tier communication system wouldn’t be worth while in the smaller yachts.

Communication Coverage


A long lasting customer favorite.

  • Increased communication flexibility
  • Push-to-talk ID
  • Selective calls