From A to Z Marine Communication Consultants

At Highland Wireless, our Marine Communication Consulting Division can provide everything needed for ship communications that work well and will make you look good. We are able to do this with great flexibility and very competitive pricing.

This process starts from the consulting stage- to inform you of what ALL your options are under ALL budgets, from design, to delivery and installation, optimization, crew training and continued maintenance.

Trust Highland Wireless for all of your communications needs.

Tiers Of
Communication Platforms

There are three levels of radios and infrastructure that can be utilized on ships. The three factors that will dictate which tier of communications will best suit the ship’s needs are vessel size, budget and functionality requirements.

Looking For Marine Fire Team Radios?

As of 2016, SOLAS has updated it regulations involving radio communication for fire teams on ships. To add a needed element of safety, all ships will soon be required to carrie a minimum of two two-way radios that are explosion proof or intrinsically safe. For most crews aboard ships around the world this is an action item needing to be fulfilled…

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