The Benefits Of iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras

iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras are the powerful new product that Fleet operators trust to ensure safety and security of their vehicles and people. From Taxi to transportation, trucking to towing, iDrive Cameras add great value to managers and operators wanting to safeguard their assets for unseen threats. With built in GPS, smart incident detection, and video storage over wireless network, the iDrive Fleet Surveillance camera is one of the most advanced safety products on the market.

What are the benefits? In real life scenarios, companies who operate a fleet of vehicles have seen large cost saving on insurance premiums due to reduced claims. Employees are safer in unwitnessed traffic accidents and fleet managers are given valuable control over seeing unsafe employee practices. Benefits are often far greater then the investment with iDrive Cameras and the system is built to work and to last for years to come.

Events are efficiently recorded based on the device sensing an emergency. The camera will record all day but only store the 15 seconds before and after an incident. This system allows managers to only see the important incidents and use very minimal hard drive space. All recordings can be easily stored in one central location and extracting video files is extremely easy. When the camera is in Wi-Fi vicinity, the camera will automatically upload data to the central home data base to be viewed instantly.

iDrive Cameras are an exceptional piece of technology that can give great value to a fleet operator looking to cut costs and secure assets. Highland Wireless is a proud dealer and installer of iDrive cameras and would love to demo the product to all who are interested. Please contact our sales team to set up an appointment.

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