Hear From Our Clients

For the past 5 years Highland Wireless Services has been our sole provider for service and infrastructure for our radio system. As a taxi company owner, our communications are imperative to our business. Highland Wireless Services has done an exceptional job keeping our communications operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days.

With Highland Wireless as a team member we are surveying client needs and adjusting the scope based on significant cost saving modifications suggested by their radio support staff. I can sincerely say that working with Highland Wireless has provided Baptist Health South Florida with high quality radio service in a real partnership for success

After Hurricane Wilma, I worked with Highland Wireless to build another communication site for our Road Rangers. Within one week Highland Wireless constructed a communication system for us including using L & S Enterprises to affix a 300 ft. antenna. We still use that communication system today.

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