Our Process

On-site radios and network systems are used to amplify the range in which a group of radios can communicate, allowing them to talk over a larger area. The greatest benefit of on-site radios is to enable communications in buildings that have insufficient signal strength. An on-site radio system can be engineered and optimized to provide radio coverage throughout a large building or a small campus providing seamless radio communication for a business or corporation. Here at Highland Wireless we take pride in our comprehensive knowledge of on-site radios and specialize in engineering, installation and maintenance of these systems. Having built and maintained more than 10 networked on-site systems, we have become experts in designing effective on-site systems that fulfill the needs of our customers. Our technicians have trained to become certified Communications Site Installation Inspectors (R56) from the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) International. With this training we provide the assurance that site work we perform is specifically engineered to CAT5 hurricane standards as well as Miami-Dade County installation standards.


We take the time to sit down with our customers and fully assess the scope of their needs to precisely tailor a plan that offers them the most from on-site communications. We consider all possible opportunities when planning an onsite system, presenting multiple options to our customers with varying scales of redundancy, management applications, and capabilities. We take the time to inform our customers the benefits and possible shortcomings of each solution, making sure that our customers are confident with their final decision. We ultimately understand the value of our customer’s time and investment. Because of this we want to lend our expertise to ensure their confidence in the system being the best possible solution.


We have experienced technicians and engineers on hand to design sophisticated on-site infrastructure tailored to our customers needs. Having designed numerous systems in the past we know that when it comes to creating a complete system the devil is in the details. Our experienced technicians will take the time to plan out every component of the system making sure that they will function and interface with the entire system as intended. After thoroughly designing each system we then move to testing. Testing is a necessary process whether the system is a completely new design or one that has been installed numerous times. We ensure that the system that we deliver is fully functional and ready for use. In the past, we have Engineered on-site communications for Baptist Hospital, Watson Pharmaceuticals, 4 Seasons Hotel, and Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale.


After a complete test of the system, we proceed with the installation process. We understand that the installation as well as the transition process to a new system can be difficult. Our team intends make this adjustment smooth as possible. To ease the procedure and to keep from interfering with productivity, Installations can be scheduled after normal work hours. If additional visits for the installation are needed or problems arise we can guarantee to work through the process until the system is fully functional. After installation is complete, we remain in constant communication with our customers in order to make sure that the system is working as intended. If more careful attention is needed, we can also provide training to instruct personnel how to gain the highest potential from radio the equipment.


We understand that the needs of a growing business may change from time to time. So to always be ready, we have a team of maintenance engineers ready to service any additional needs. Anything from reprogramming, fixing technical glitches, and upgrading systems, we are ready for any need to keep an onsite system performing at its best.

Certified Kenwood & Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer