Businesses That Can Benefit From Two Way Radios

Businesses That Can Benefit From Two Way Radios

While some business owners know the benefits of two way radios for their companies, others don’t realize all the advantages of two way radios for their businesses. Two way radios often perform better than other methods of communications, even more effectively than the latest smart phones. Two way radios, also known affectionately as walkie-talkies allow businesses to boost productivity by increasing employee efficiency and improving their safety in the work environment. You may be wondering how investing in two way radios for your company can offer benefits when you already provide employees access to landlines, mobile phones, email, SMS texting, and more. The truth is each of these methods offer benefits and work well in some situations, but they can fall short in other areas. Let’s take a few minutes to explore how your business can benefit from two way radios further enhancing your communication efforts.  

Large Facilities, Construction Sites, Campuses, Secure Sites, and More

Nearly any business with a large facility, expansive site, or remote environment can benefit from two way radios. Why? Two way radios promise mobility advantages as durability. Compared to landlines with their fixed location and need for power source connectivity and mobile phones with spotty signal access and the potential for overloads in an emergency situation, two way radios offer mobility and durability. On top of that they are dustproof and waterproof, and promise to function even in remote environments. They keep employees connected in large facilities, across campuses, underground locations, on construction sites, and other sites where employees need to communicate over wide ranges. In addition, two way radios can even be boosted to increase their signal range with bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). 

Even better – two way radios benefit businesses with one-button technology to talk, no contact list scrolling or searching for contacts in order to keep the lines of communication open. Each radio can be programmed to communicate among teams or with individuals, even when emergencies arise. Two way radio networks allow individual communication or group communication with the simple press of a button, without the need for a conference call set up via mobile phone. 

Two way radios also enable expedient voice communication, particularly crucial in an emergency situation but also useful when maintenance is needed on a production line or a customer wants to purchase additional units from the warehouse. In contrast, mobile phones require everyone to have charged batteries and signal strength in order to communicate quickly and efficiently. Plus, two way radios can function in remote locations where mobile phones are often out of range and unreliable.

Lastly, businesses can benefit from the fact that two way radios offer the latest digital technology, converting voice transmissions to data packets which can be transmitted via wired or wireless networks. Two way radios can also send and receive texts, emails, and even transmit voice signals around the world via the internet. Two way radios offer keypads with displays for texting, messaging, and emailing. As a bonus two way radios also deliver enhanced sound quality and require less battery power. These radios can also track locations of employees and determine ineffective business practices, which can help you improve your bottom line! 

Two Way Radios to Benefit Your Business

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