Kenwood Vs. Motorola Two Way Radios:

Kenwood Vs. Motorola Two Way Radios: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Uncovering the best two way radio system for your business can be a bit of a process. This process often whittles down to a comparison of a few different models. If you are trying to decide between Kenwood and Motorola, both make excellent options. It’s very difficult to compare Kenwood and Motorola as a whole; instead it makes more sense to break down comparisons by individual models. This is because there is such a wide variety in features and quality within each brand. Plus, both brands tend to earn similar star ratings from customers, making them highly comparable. Here we break down the differences in two way radios to help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Two Way Radio Models Side By Side

With many different model options, it’s important to fully understand what each device is capable of providing. Just like cell phones, some radios are ‘smarter’ than others. Not everyone needs a smart radio, but if your business does it’s important to address that need or else you may end up unsatisfied. Here is a closer look at advanced, middle-grade, and basic two way radio options from both Motorola and Kenwood.

A Look At What Motorola Has To Offer

Motorola advanced option:

The Motorola XPR-7550 is one of the most powerful radios Motorola has to offer, and includes added features, such as an LCD full color display screen with the latest digital radio systems and GPS. The XPR-75550 is the radio most comparable to a smartphone. While this device looks beautiful and offers a lovely display screen, it also remains incredibly durable. Plus, this two way radio can perform for a very long time thanks to IMPRES battery technology.

Motorola middle-grade option:

The Motorola XPR-6550 is incredible flexible and functional. It does include Bluetooth capabilities, IMPRES battery technology, and GPS. The XPR-6550 does include a screen, although it does not have the same stunning full color screen as the XPR-7550.

Motorola basic model option:

The Motorola CP-200 is incredibly popular but does not have a screen or Bluetooth capabilities. Still, this is one of the most highly regarded and popularly used radios in the industry. Due to the notoriety of the CP-200, the latest model has been upgraded for improved results. The Motorola CP-200 includes press-to-talk, selective calls, and other features that make this radio among the easiest to operate.

A Comparable Look At What Kenwood Two Way Radios Offer

Kenwood has a wide range of two way radios, very similar to Motorola, but of course with their own unique traits.

Kenwood advanced option:

The Kenwood NX-300 UHF is a more advanced radio, although it does not have the same full color screen or Bluetooth technologies as the high end Motorola XPR-7550. Still, it has a larger screen than other Kenwood models; in fact the NX-300 displays twice as many characters as other Kenwood radios with a screen. If accessing a large number of channels is important, this radio is capable of doing so with a large internal memory and many programmable features.  The audio quality associated with this radio is also ranked very highly. Plus, the radio is resistant to water and dirt.

Kenwood middle-grade option:

The Kenwood NX-320 is very comparable to the NX-300, with hardcore durability and reliable communication across many different channels. The main difference in this model is the smaller screen size.

Kenwood basic options:

The Kenwood PKT-23K is a compact model for easy use and an out of the way approach. At only 3.9 ounces, this little radio offers a lot of cool perks, including a 3.5mm audio jack, Micro USB port, and 15 hours of guaranteed battery life.

The Kenwood TK-2400 is a popular radio model that is comparable to Motorola’s CP-200. The durable radio provides reliable communication, but does not have the fancy bells and whistles like Bluetooth or full-colored screen. Just like the CP-200 by Motorola, the Kenwood TK-2400 does not have a user screen.

Kenwood Vs. Motorola, Is One Better Than The Other?

Now that we have taken a look at a few different models from both Kenwood and Motorola, can you identify which offers the best two way radios? Clearly, the answer isn’t so easy to pinpoint.

The needs of your business are going to differ drastically from the needs of another business, for this reason radio features are highly subjective. If GPS capabilities and full color screen are of utmost importance to your business, the Motorola XPR-7550 may be the best option for you. If instead a durable and lightweight option is more important, the Kenwood PKT-23K might be the winning radio.

How To Avoid The Biggest Complaint About All Two Way Radios

When purchasing a two way radio system it is so important that you make sure the radios you purchase are strong enough to service your area. The biggest complaint people have about Kenwood, Motorola, and all types of two way radios can actually be avoided no matter which radio you select. If you do not get a radio powerful enough to sufficiently connect at all necessary points, you will have an inefficient communication system. Without proper planning, and professional help, this can happen with any brand radio. Knowledge is power here; after all there is a radio capable of providing your business with the power necessary to remain reliable from all locations.

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