Professional Line - DMR

Just below the Public Safety tier is the Professional Line of DMR radios.  DMR simply means Digital Mobile Radio.  DMR is currently proven to work extraordinarily well on yachts of all sizes.  DMR networks like TETRA Networks can be comprised of a single or multiple repeaters linked together by Cat5 network cable. DMR radios can also be used without a repeater(s) in talk-around-mode.  This makes a DMR solution much more affordable, but at the cost of potentially poorer communication’s coverage.  Typically vessels 50m and larger need at least one repeater to achieve full boat coverage.

Communication Coverage

Advantages of DMR

The advantages of DMR are included in TETRA, but not the Commercial Line. With DMR, radio communications can include caller ID, call alert, Bluetooth connectivity, TDMA spectrum efficiency (multiple talkpaths per repeater) , UHF band communications, Text Messages, Cost Effective, Migratable (analog/digital) static free communications

• Several Manufactures of DMR – Motorola/Hytera/Kenwood

• Slim Line Radios (SL7550/SL300/SL3500)

• TRUNKING – Multiple talk groups