Taking Care of Your Two-Way Radios

Taking Care of Your Two-Way Radios

At Highland Wireless, you’ll find a professional team who knows two-way radios. With the goal to provide customers with the best radio communication solutions in the industry, Highland Wireless promises premium quality equipment, along with exceptional service. That said, Highland Wireless offers these tips for taking care of your two way radios whether you use them for business, security, or recreation.

Your two way radios can be easily maintained with the aid of the manufacturer’s instructions in your owner’s manual and common sense guidance. As a two way radio owner, you know they are excellent communication tools. If you are a recreational two way radio user, what you might not know is these radios also serve a variety of industries including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, event venues, as well as emergency responders, security personnel, and medical personnel. Like most tools, two way radios work best when they are properly cared for and well maintained. Neglecting to maintain your two way radios can mean critical failure at the moment you need them most. At Highland Wireless, keeping you in touch with the individuals and support structure you need is priority one, so let’s explore these helpful tips to keep your two way radios in optimal working condition.

The Two Way Radios’ Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual included with your two way radios is an excellent place to start. The owner’s manual is packed with the manufacturer’s operating instructions as well as lots of guidance on how to maintain and care for your two way radios. In addition, in reviewing the information inside, you’ll also find troubleshooting tips should issues arise with your radios.

The Importance of Fresh Batteries

The batteries powering your device are crucial to performance. Choose premium quality batteries, and change them regularly to ensure optimum performance and sufficient power for the tasks at hand. By regularly checking and changing your batteries you will also avoid unanticipated battery failure when you need your radios most. Plus, it will also prevent damage from old batteries such as leakage and corrosion.

Avoid Water Exposure

It is best, even for “waterproof” two way radios, to avoid exposure to water, as even the best water-resistant and waterproof versions have their limits. Always keep your two way radios stored in safe, dry place when not in use.

Safe, Dry Storage

If your two way radio is always by your side, it is advisable to purchase a carrying case or holster to prevent damage if dropped or bumped against a potentially damaging surface. When your radios are not being used, store them safely in a clean, dry space safe from potential damage.

Dust, Debris, and Ventilation

Like other handheld devices, your two way radios need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dust, debris, and other contaminants from causing damage. Dusting and wiping your radios will keep debris from prohibiting proper function, particularly of the controls. As you know, your two way radios have vents to allow heat as well as air away from the critical internal workings, thus preventing overheating and damage. Keep vents clear of dust and debris to allow for proper ventilation of your radios.

Call on Highland Wireless

Highland Wireless is an authorized dealer of two way radios and radio products by Motorola and Kenwood. In addition to equipment , Highland Wireless promises a reliable expansive network from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys. Whatever your two way radio needs – marine, building, site, event, or fleet, Highland Wireless has the network and equipment solutions your team needs. Call on the team at Highland Wireless today to help you with your two way radio communication needs.