Why You Need Security Cameras for your Fleet

Why You Need Security Cameras for your Fleet

Security cameras are on-board cameras for your fleet. While these modern marvels were first used by the film and auto racing industries in the 1980s, they were soon adapted for police departments. Today they are used across business and industry to record or view activity of the drivers in your fleet, aid in driver safety, or ensure the security of drivers and their cargo. The latest safety features for on-board cameras help drivers when backing up, aid in merging and lane changes, and ensure vehicles stop successfully before a collision occurs.

In addition to safety features, state of the art wireless security cameras on your fleet allows you to better manage your fleet drivers. These surveillance cameras can be utilized effectively in all kinds of vehicles from delivery vehicles to semi-trucks. With built-in GPS, incident detection, and video storage, crucial footage is easily accessed as needed.

What Industries Utilize Security Cameras?

On-board surveillance cameras are be adapted for use by businesses, organizations, schools, governments, and more. Buses used by school systems and local mass transit services are installing on-board cameras at the highest rate. Why? The cameras are capable of monitoring not only employees, but also students and passengers as well as drivers who are illegally passing school buses. The cameras serve as witness to incidents between passengers and drivers as well as ensure that drivers are performing their duties satisfactorily.

Government organizations are also adopting on board surveillance cameras for use in public safety situations. The cameras can be used in undercover surveillance or stakeouts and controlled remotely as well as in tactical approaches in life or death situations. Federal, state, and local governments are also using security cameras in their fleets to protect employees and assets.

For businesses, the installation of security cameras in fleet operations is growing exponentially for a variety of reasons. The benefits for business include not only insurance reasons but also employee and asset protection.

The Benefits of Security Cameras for Your Fleet

On-board security cameras in your fleet offer a number of benefits for both your business, your vehicles, and your employees. The installation of fleet cameras can save you money with reduced insurance premiums due to decreased insurance claims. Insurers are getting on board, offering rebates and discounts for businesses with on-board cameras installed in their fleets. On board cameras can also help deter insurance fraud. In addition, these security cameras provide a video record or any accident, expediting the insurance claim process and ensuring drivers are protected from being wrongly accused in an incident.

On board cameras add an additional level of oversight, helping to ensure your drivers are safe on the road, not using or inappropriate driving tactics or driving recklessly. Plus, the footage can also be used to award safe drivers. On top of that, company assets are being protected as on-board cameras can be set to record whenever motion is detected.

Because these cameras have Wi-Fi capability, data is automatically uploaded for live viewing and recorded for review at a later time. Video footage can be stored, easily accessed, and reviewed as needed.

Security Cameras Are a Great Investment in your Business

As you consider the investment in on board security cameras for your fleet, you will need to determine what you want to see as well as how the video is accessed. At Highland Wireless, our experts will take the information you provide regarding what you need to see and how you want to access it to develop a plan for your business or organization, from the cameras you need to the best placement in your fleet. Contact us today to learn more about wireless security cameras for your fleet.