5 Benefits of an In-Building Cellular Enhancement System

5 Benefits of an In-Building Cellular Enhancement System

Poor cellular connectivity is one of the main reasons that many businesses across the country struggle to grow sustainably. Cellular connectivity is often disrupted by construction material among other factors that result in poor signal and dropped calls. On top of that, the immense amount of data that flows through these channels can also slow down your connection from time to time. 

An In-building Cellular Enhancement System (CES) is the best way to achieve strong wireless connectivity throughout the establishment. Be it inside a residential apartment complex or an office building, they are an optimal solution for anyone looking to improve cellular connectivity. Today, we are taking a look at some of the benefits of installing an in-building CES and why you should consider installing one. 

Better Wi-fi Connectivity

Much like every other network, wi-fi has its bandwidth limitations. Although there is no limit to the number of people who can connect to a shared network, many often face challenges due to limited coverage. A cellular enhancement system adds coverage and bandwidth to your original network. This allows you to enjoy excellent connectivity in both indoor and outdoor situations. 

Uninterrupted Connection

An in-building cellular enhancement system in conjunction with a cellular distributed antenna system (DAS) allows the occupants of the building to enjoy reliable wireless coverage. A cellular DAS system relies on several small antennas to boost cellular reception. 

With this technology, occupants of the building will receive a constant robust signal that is far superior than a standard cellular signal. In simple words, an in-building cellular enhancement system is the best way to guarantee full network strength for all users. 

Fast Network Speed

Slow network speed is the main culprit behind delays and service disruption. It is not only frustrating to work on a slow network but it can also negatively affect your business’s reputation. Since cellular enhancements systems are evenly distributed, they offer complete network strength to all users. A network running at maximum performance allows you to promptly take care of your tasks and run your business optimally. 

Indoor/Outdoor Coverage

The quality of a wireless connection can lower if there are more obstructions in its path. There are many objects in a building that can affect the strength or wireless signals such as metal, concrete, and low-E glass. These objects either reflect or don’t let the signal pass through efficiently. An in-building cellular enhancement system resolves this issue by using cellular repeaters across the building. Since there are multiple points in the network to connect to, you will receive strong wireless signals in both outdoor and indoor environments. 

Cost Effective

An in-building cellular enhancement system has many benefits in the long run. A reliable communication network is a must when it comes to running any business. If you compare the cost of installing a cellular enhancement system against the benefits you get from it in the long run, it is a winner in all regards. Since these systems use smaller antennas that draw less power, you will also be saving from lowered electricity bills. All-in-all, an in-building cellular enhancement system is a worthy investment for any business or residential establishment with multiple users. 

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