5 Benefits of Remote Speaker Microphone

5 Benefits of Remote Speaker Microphone

Remote speaker microphones are a popular tool used in many different professional industries. They come with the ability to both instantly send and receive voice messages that are broadcasted live over a private radio channel. As a result, this provides several benefits over some of the common alternatives for communication, such as cell phones.

Benefits of Remote Speaker Microphones

Although just about everyone these days has a cell phone, there are still many reasons why remote speaker microphones continue to be widely used. Below, we will break down 5 benefits of remote speaker microphones. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not it is a good option for your personal situation, the following information might help you make a final decision.

1. Windporting

Although you cannot find this feature in all remote speaker microphones, many Motorola models come with a windporting feature. In a nutshell, windporting is a built-in resistance to wind. Therefore, if you need to work in a windy environment while retaining the ability to communicate with a remote speaker microphone, this is a popular feature.

Windporting doesn’t necessarily reduce all background noise created by wind. However, it drastically reduces it to the point where it is hardly noticeable. At the same time, another useful aspect of this feature is that it prevents water from entering into the microphone and distorting your messages.

2. Improvement of Speech Recognition

One of the most immediate benefits of using a remote speaker microphone comes when it’s time to listen to the messages sent to you. Factors that affect your ability to hear an audio message, such as surrounding background noise, proximity to the person talking, and so on, are all essentially eliminated. This helps you to hear messages more clearly than you might even be able to while talking face-to-face.

3. Instant Means of Long-Distance Communication

Remote speaker microphones are often used on job sites between a team of employees that need to be in close contact with each other. Without a remote speaker microphone system, this can be a lot more difficult due to a variety of factors that stand out with some of the most common alternatives to remote speaker microphones.

For example, workers are often stationed around different areas of a job site that would otherwise require them to walk back and forth just to relay simple messages. Using cell phones, it would also be a lot more complicated to relay one message to multiple people. In addition, remote speaker microphones broadcast messages without the need to manually look at them using a distracting device such as a personal cell phone.

4. Greater Privacy and Security

Most remote speaker microphones come equipped with two features that make it easy for private conversations. One is the volume switch, which can be easily twisted so people in the same room as you cannot hear private messages. Secondly, there is usually a headphone slot attached to remote speaker microphones that allow you to be the only one in the room who can hear the messages shared through the radio system.

5. Live Group Messaging

Using a common alternative such as a cell phone for communicating between a workforce can often turn into a mess of messages and calls. Remote speaker microphones stand out as a great option since they allow each of the active parties to listen to messages in real-time without spending the time clicking on a notification and navigating through the device.

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