6 Benefits of the Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge Radio

6 Benefits of the Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge Radio

The Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge two-way radio has so much to offer – from mixed digital and FM analog operation to built-in GPS and superb durability. Essentially, just about anything you’d want from a digital radio, this fully-featured radio is built to serve.

6 Reasons the Kenwood NX-300 is a Go-to Two-way Radio

#1. Large Screen

Not everyone wants a large screen on their two-way radio, but there are many benefits to having one. If a large screen is something that will benefit your team, this radio is a great go-to option.

The NX-300 grants users a larger screen than the NX-320, which means it can display twice as many characters. This allows users to access more information at once and get more done, seamlessly.

#2. Programmable Features for Customization

In addition, the NX-300 offers a variety of programmable features so that you can make it work for your needs. Customization is key for a variety of different work environments, scenarios and conditions. Let your team call the shots by setting this radio up to work for you.

#3. Large Internal Memory

The NX-300 boasts a large internal memory, which helps it operate faster and at a higher capacity than other two-way radios. Plus, it can process a substantial number of frequencies and channels.

#4. Durability Matters

From accidental drops to unexpected calamities, two-way radios must stand up to everything that happens day-to-day out in the field. This is why your standard smartphone would never work – it’s far too fragile. Not all two-way radios are built to the same tough standards, but the NX-300 is one of the tougher options out there. In fact, it is incredibly durable.

The NX-300 can stand up to being submerged in water and doused in dirt. Accidently drop it? No problem! This is what makes it ideal for so many different industries – from marine applications to construction sites.

#5. Crisp & Clear Audio

Forget saying “what?” over and over again. Nothing is more important out in the field than the ability to communicate clearly and to get each message across in a timely manner. A disrupted signal or poor audio quality can quickly lead to mistakes and a loss of productivity. That’s why sound quality is so important on two-way radios, and the audio quality on the NX-300 leaves

nothing to be desired – offering crisp and clear communication when you need it most.

#6. Built in GPS

This radio comes with the option for a built in GPS unit, allowing you to keep track of your team at all times.

NX-300 Specs:

  • Large screen to display more characters (larger than the NX-320, displays 2x as many characters)
  • Customizable features – program it to operate how you see fit
  • Commonly selected for marine and construction environments
  • IP54/55 water and dust intrusion
  • Immersion (IP67) Option
  • Backlit Dot Matrix LCD
  • Multi-language display
  • Emergency call features
  • On/Off volume knob
  • 12-key keypad models
  • 2 PF keys on the side
  • KMC-51/52 Digital noise-canceling speaker mic option

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