7 Ways to Determine the Best Walkie-Talkie Rentals for Your Next Event

7 Ways to Determine the Best Walkie-Talkie Rentals for Your Next Event

The best walkie-talkie rental option may vary based upon the type and size of your event, as well as where it is located, inside or outside. We have a variety of Kenwood and Motorola walkie-talkie rentals to suit all your needs, regardless if you’re planning a large-scale concert, a big wedding, or outfitting security personnel at a shopping center.

Here are some important considerations to help you decide on the best radio for your event. Need additional help finding exactly what you need? Contact us today

1. Is the event scheduled to take place indoors or outdoors?

Indoor events require two-way radio signals capable of penetrating walls, and UHF radios are better at this than VHF radios. On the other hand, outdoor events are better suited by VHF radios because they offer optimal obstruction-free range. UHF is generally the best option if you need a walkie-talkie system that efficiently operates both inside and out.   

2. Do you need walkie-talkie rentals for long term or temporary use?

Do you need two-way radios that’ll keep going strong all day and night? Some two-way radios offer better battery life than others. While the average consumer radios offer around 8 hours of power, high-powered commercial radios can offer 12 or more hours of continuous battery life. Keeping the right accessories on hand, such as multi-unit charges, helps ensure there are always radios charged and ready to go.

3. How tough is the terrain?

How much wear and tear do radios need to withstand? For instance, the US military relies on rugged radios that can withstand extreme heat and water. You may or may not need waterproof, dustproof, or heat-proof walkie-talkies for your event, but we have them if you do!

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4. Do you need Emergency Alert features?

An Emergency Alert feature is included with some radios. It allows users to press one button to send out a distress call to receiving radios. This alert may also prompt the device to become hands-free for a few seconds to allow the user to get a message across without touching anything by hand. This is an ideal feature for construction sites or other sites with potential dangers.

5. What kind of accessories do you need for two-way radios?

There are a wide range of two-way radio accessories available such as battery extenders, multi-unit chargers, as well as different headsets and earpieces. Hands-free features can be added via accessories; some radios come with built-in hands-free settings. This is convenient for employees tasked with juggling multiple tasks at once. 

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6. Do you need an On-Site Radio System?

On-site radios and network systems can be used to amplify signals clear across a campus or throughout a large building. On-Site Radio Systems by Highland Wireless facilitate seamless and sophisticated communication. We have many large-scale on-site installation projects under our belts, and are equipped to take care of everything from consulting to engineering, as well as installation and maintenance.  Learn more

7. Do you need Bluetooth or GPS?

Many of the best walkie-talkies for events come with advanced features like Bluetooth and GPS. Identify what you need to successfully operate your event. There’s no need to pay extra for these amenities if you don’t need them, but if you do, they can make all the difference.