Benefit of Two-Way Radios

Benefits of Two Way Radios

When it comes to industrial jobs, communication is a critical factor if you want the job to be done well. Yes, there are multiple communication devices like cell phones with mind-blowing technologies. But in an industrial setup, they are often unreliable. 

And this is where the benefits of Two-way radios come in. These devices are a perfect fit for this job, especially where clear and secure communication is critical. And here are the reasons why you need it:

Instant Communication

Two-way radios are designed for instantaneous communication. There is no waste of time dialing to receive a call. With these devices, a colleague is always listening on the other end. Therefore, if there are lone or remote tasks that require constant communication, these devices will do. It’s even more beneficial if one is operating in a remote place with a poor cell phone network. 

Battery Life

One of the key benefits of using Two-Way radios is a long-life battery. Impressively, some of them come with a battery that can last for over 24 hours. As such, they are helpful irrespective of how long the work shift will last. Since they lack ancillary features that limit the battery life of a cell phone, the rate of charging is limited. 


Ever dropped a cell phone several feet down? Well, the pain as the screen cracks, the body fractures, and some pieces fall apart is unbearable. But that’s an agony you will not have to worry about with two-way radios. They are crafted to resist damage from physical impact. 

With military specifications, it’s not just the fall they are immune to. They can also withstand water intrusion, dust intrusion, vibration, higher temperature, and humidity. And each of these devices, undergo all these harsh conditions during product testing to guarantee efficiency. 

Minimal Destructions

With so much to do with a Smartphone, finding yourself destructed from work is no surprise. Even worse, we often develop this tendency of peeping into specific apps for news, trends, or gossip updates. Depending on your phone use habits, it can be even hard to focus on a project. 

Thankfully, two-ways radios are here to salvage the situation and improve your working habits. This device is communication-oriented to ensure all workers focus on the project without facing destruction. And the result of using it is saving valuable time at work, boosting efficiency, and also productivity. 


These devices have a reliable network that works great even in remote areas. As such, it’s a reliable device in all the places where the network range covers. While in an emergency the cell phone may fail to work, but with two-radio works, the connection will be strong. 

With that said, they have no network barrier as long as they are operating within the specified range. And in case of a power outage, they have a backup battery to ensure communications are not halted. 

Low Cost of Operation

Beginning with the cost of these devices, they are cheaper than some of the latest Smartphones. Therefore, you can save a significant amount by buying them. Further, they have no monthly subscription fee, calling minute’s charges, or roaming charges associated with cell phones. And to reduce the cost of operation further, several workers can rely on the same radio. 

Final Take 

Lastly, if you have a project in Florida and require Two-Way Radios, don’t hesitate to contact Highland Wireless. Their devices are some of the best in the market, which includes Motorola and Kenwood. And that’s not all; they are offering a wide range of reliable networks. So, wherever you are based between the Florida Keys and Jacksonville, they’ve something for you.