Benefits of Cellular Enhancement Systems

Benefits of Cellular Enhancement Systems

When you have issues with dropped calls, poor quality communication, and faulty reception in your building, you may need the help of a Cellular Enhancement System. These systems work to amplify existing cellular frequencies of the major cellular carriers and provide your business with the needed reception to ensure productivity and success.  One of the most common cellar enhancement systems in use today is the distributed antenna system (DAS) which is effective inside and out, can be utilized in new construction as well as retrofitting existing buildings.

Cellular Enhancement Systems – What You Need to Know

Cellular enhancement systems work with a wide range of carriers including Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. In most cases, smaller regional carriers also support the use of cellular enhancement systems.

From high rises to ground level commercial properties, coverage issues arise, as signals are obstructed when attempting to penetrate and flow within the building. In fact, surrounding buildings as well building construction  can play a huge role in preventing the successful infiltration of signals.

Cellular enhancement system overcome this issue by connecting the signal source with a multi-directional amplifier or transceiver station. The source signal receives and transmits while the cellular enhancement system distributes the frequency throughout the building. The system, utilizing a series of strategically placed antennas then deliver the coverage needed. The information is not modified, but the data or voice signal is reinforced and transmitted through dead or low signal areas successfully. These cellular enhancement systems were originally designed for 2G and 3G services, but as the technology has evolved, so have the enhancement system which now support 4G services, expanding from voice-based messaging to high speed data for the highest level of communication.

The Benefits of Cellular Enhancement Systems

Generally cellular enhancement systems are DAS systems or signal booster systems. When comparing a distributed antennae system to a signal booster, ,you will find there isn’t a once size fits all solution. In some cases, a signal booster is all your business needs providing a solution that is faster to install and often more affordable. Working with an exterior antennae and cabling to amplify cellular signals, a signal booster simple enhances the signal inside the building. 

On the other hand, signal booster don’t always provide the solutions needed, and DAS systems are required to handle high call volumes and larger spaces. A DAS system is well-suited to deliver solutions to commercial sites such as medical centers, universities, government complexes, or highly populated business locations. Considered the most effective solution for enhancing voice calls, and high speed data usage, DAS networks close the gap between your site and local cell towers, upgrading your signal strength in a smart and effective way. In fact, DAS systems are designed to function effectively across multiple buildings improving communications via both Wi-Fi connections as well as landlines. Capable of supporting thousands of devices at the same time, DAS may be the solution you need for your growing business or expanding facility. 

Call on Highland Wireless and Reap the Benefits

Are you ready to explore your company’s needs? Highland Wireless is ready to help you with the perfect cellular enhancement system for your business or building. A site visit can measure your current signal status and help you determine the most effective solution. Call on Highland Wireless to for free pre-testing (signal strength and site surveys) of your existing property or a free quote for your pre-construction plans. You’ll be glad you did when you make an investment in a cellular enhancement system and reap the benefits of enhanced communication and daily operations.