Benefits of Two Way Radios During a Storm

Benefits of Two Way Radios During a Storm

During a storm, disaster can strike at any moment whether as a tsunami, cyclone, hurricane, or flood. When that happens, reliable communication becomes essential. And this is where two-radios stand out. It guarantees a reliable connection that’s crucial for rescue operations. 

While you can still use your cell phone, most of the cell towers are jammed with higher call traffic. As such, reaching out for help becomes impossible. With that and much more, here are the benefits of two-way radios during a storm:

  •     Effective Communication

During or after the storm, tons of people make calls to call for emergency assistance or talk to their loved ones. Since almost all of them are using cellphones, the mobile networks experience an overload and fail. To avoid this setback, 2-way radios rely on dedicated channels with low call traffic. As a result, you can reach family members at ease without barriers. 

While radio networks can also suffer the same fate as mobile networks due to higher traffic, there’s control over it. At the communication center, experts can block other calls and allow only emergency calls to go through. Also, since they work with a single button press, they’re convenient for an emergency. Therefore, anyone living in a disaster-prone region should buy it. 

  •     Resilient design

When a storm hits, environmental conditions turn sore. People in these conditions might be subjected to intense heat, floods, speedy winds, or dust. In such conditions, mobile phones are unreliable. But when you have a 2-way radio, you can call for help. These devices are built to withstand extreme conditions and still function optimally. Through the noise cancelation ability, you can be heard clearly even in a noisy environment. 

  •     Strong Radio Signals 

These networks have been designed to face network shortages when times are hard. The long-range radio network system for instance can switch between the grids and back up the battery during emergencies. As such, it provides you with enough time to reach out for help. During such moments, mobile signals are usually poor or completely unavailable. 

  •     Long-life battery

When a storm or disaster hits, the entire region may experience a power outage. And during such times, continuous communication is essential; for rescue operations. When you have a mobile phone, chances are it will run out of power in the next few hours. However, 2-way radios can last longer. They come with a long-lasting battery that can serve you for over 12 hours. Also, they’re light, making the device portable even in emergency circumstances. 

  •     Maintain Communication at Work

In your facility, the best communication solution when a storm begins is a two-way radio. It allows the staff to remain in touch and run the company’s operation. Also, it’s the best means to update everyone on how the situation is progressing. 

  •     Instant Communication

During a storm, every second is essential. And when you have a 2-way radio, you can appreciate constant communication. This device allows you to make a call with a simple button push. Unlike mobile phones, you don’t have to put a password, swipe screening, or type in an emergency number. You just need to press the button and that’s it. 


Thanks to the reliable and practical features of two-way radio, your safety is guaranteed during a disaster. Even in the middle of a storm, you can still reach out for help. As a result, this communication device is an essential part of the emergency kit. But where can you source reliable options for your family or business? Well, call Highland Wireless if you want the best two-way radios in the industry.