Highland Wireless Is Expanding, Everybody Wins!

Highland Wireless has experienced lots of growth over the past couple years, with new employees, new clients, and an expanded network. But in recent months we’ve grown more than ever!

First, Just recently, our Tampa tower has become operational, bringing radio communications to companies based in Tampa and also allowing existing customers to use their radio systems in the area. With this expansion, we are proud to say our radio network now extends florida from coast to coast! This expansion gives transportation and logistics companies that travel across the state, more utility on our network. Also, we look forward to launching two news sites in the coming months. One in Daytona, opening our company up to the northern Florida market and the second, in Lake Harbor, expanding our area near Lake okeechobee.

Second, With a desire to expand our coverage from Orlando down to the Keys, we have aligned ourselves with Sun Talk LLC in order to extensively expand our radio network. With this additional coverage we hope to be able to provide radio service to more customers. as well as give our customers additional network functionality.

We are a company that grows with our customers and we are always willing to expand based on our customers needs. If you or your company has any desire to have radio communications in a specific area, that is not in our coverage, bring us your need and we will analysis the possibility to provide coverage to your area.