The Top 10 Industries That NEED Radio Communication

Having experience in radio sales, its always the smaller companies that are sceptical about investing in radio communications, and the bigger ones who won’t give them up. Radios are an unbeatable work tool that allows for easy management of employees and collaboration towards a common goal. Whether some industries understand it or not, the top 10 industries that need radio are clear.


10. Construction

First, an industry that is known for their use of radios on the job comes in 10th on our list. For the construction company, Errors on the job can be detrimental to its success. Radios allow for a whole team to easily communicate, ultimately boosting a teams precision and executing on job.


9. Plumbing

Radios are not only durable but waterproof! This is a big advantage for the plumber or team of plumbers installing and renovating in a water filled environment. For running a business smoothly and effectively in this industry, no other form of communication can match.


8. Concrete

The job site for a concrete company is just half the battle. Transportation and logistics is a critical part of a concrete company, for seamless communication between the construction site and its fleet of trucks. For this enterprise radios are the only communication option that provide this ability.


7. Maintenance & Hospitality

Big buildings with numerous employees can lead to confusing situations without proper communications. With most 2-way radios being extraordinarily durable and water resistant, Maintenance & Hospitality teams can trust that the radios will hold up throughout the work day.


6. Taxi

Lots of hustle and bustle is involved in the job of a taxi driver, and even more for the dispatcher trying to manage all the drivers. A system with GPS tracking allowing visual management of all its units as well as instant communication to one or all of its units is a huge benefit in trying to run an operation smoothly.


5. Transportation

Transportation can take many forms, such as an 18 wheelers moving across state or local moving companies between cities. A powerful advantage radios have over conventional cellphones is that legally, a cellphone can not be used behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, where as a radio is perfectly safe and legal to use. For transportation companies taking long trips, radio communication is a must.


4. Helicopter

Highland Wireless supplies high quality, industry standard radios ready for anyone in the helicopter industry. Pilots operating complicated equipment, at a high altitudes, in loud environments should not have to worry about communication with their dispatchers on the ground. For this purpose the reliability of radios are a must.


3. Towing

A job where employees are constantly behind the wheel, rarely leaving their truck, and new jobs constantly, arise radios are essential. Tow truck companies thrive on timeliness, and speed of pickup to boost profits and make employers happy. With that, only a speedy form of communication that a driver could legally use behind a wheel would suffice. Radios are a must for any growing Tow truck company. Period.


2. Security

Because of popular media, security is an easy one to guess. Just like on TV, real life security enforcement need radio communication on their person at all times in the event of an incident. Being able to seamlessly communicate with their team at an instance is an indispensable necessity for providing safety.


1. Ambulances

In an emergency situation, no room can be left for error. Instant connection and simplicity of use make radios a must for important life or death situations that any ambulance company would face. Having been trusted for years, radio communication in this industry has been the standard, and will be for the foreseeable future!