How Highland Wireless Is Making A Difference

Highland Wireless is proud to say we give back! With an excellent team of individuals and plenty of resources, Highland Wireless has stepped up to the plate to give back what we can to the community.


The Past

Toys in the Sun, Run – In the past, Highland Wireless has worked closely with Toys in the Sun, Run, an organization combining motorcycles and car shows to raise money for needy children in the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation. We were able to provide radio communications for the entire event and we are always looking forward to giving in any capacity we can to this organization.

Ride 4 Orphans – Another charitable event we sponsor is the Ride 4 Orphans bike ride by Spanish River Church. It is a ride to benefit orphan children in developing countries such as Haiti and in the Sub-Saharan African region. This year and previous year, we as a company attended the event and provided radio communications to the church staff for use.


The Present

Currently, Highland Wireless is jumping right into new opportunities for giving back and were engaging our whole team to pitch into the effort.

5k Race to End Homelessness – On March 22, 2014, The Highland Wireless team will be participating in the 5k Race to End Homelessness. While supporting this race financially, the Highland Wireless team will also be running in the race, showing our support for this worthy cause.

House Building at Habitat For Humanity – An ambitious project coming up on the horizon, Habitat for Humanity has called for volunteers to help construct a house in the local area. Highland Wireless is taking up the challenge by lending a helping hand to fund and help build a house for a needy family.


The Future

The work of giving back is never “Done;” the more we have, the more we can give. That is an ethic this company follows as a whole and as individual employees. We understand that for a company to be sustained, it must sustain others. We are willing to exert the time and energy to support any worthy cause that comes our way! We are all in to contribute to a anyone with a charitable organization and would love to discuss with future partners how we can aid in event execution and funding! Please call, (954) 376-7400 to see how Highland Wireless can get involved with your event!