A Look at the Latest Marine Communication Solutions

A Look at the Latest Marine Communication Solutions

Anything can happen out on the water. Thankfully, two-way radios offer marine solutions to keep your crew safe, well-connected, and prepared to respond to an emergency. To keep vessels and the lives they transport as safe as possible, there are several systems and technologies working together for both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications. 

By improving upon the storage and exchange of information, including administrative, commercial, technical, navigational, and environmental information, the overall autonomy of ships and their adaptability increases as well. Ultimately, this leads to greater safety, security and efficiency.

Why Two Way Radios are Used Out at Sea

Two-way radios are used for marine communication because they help resolve several common issues faced when trying to communicate on-board a ship, including:

Battery Life

Digital transmissions utilize less energy and that means radios stay powered on for longer. This is important for long shifts, as well as emergency situations when there isn’t enough time to stop and charge radios.

Sound Quality

In the vast ocean, it’s easy for communication platforms to fall short, but not two-way radios designed for marine communication. Digital radios turn voice signals into neatly packaged digital data, capable of transmitting information without interference of background noise like wind or loud engines.

Communicate Ship-to-Ship & Ship-to-Shore

Ships can communicate with people all over the world by message, voice, or through data transmission. In fact, digital radios can send data regarding sea levels and engine performance. In addition, they can be programmed to control important components of the ship equipment such as lights or surveillance equipment.

Durable: Water-proof, Dust-proof & Heat-proof

Two-way radios are built tough to weather just about any storm.

What is Vessel Watch?

Vessel Watch is a state-of-the-art software that offers extended capabilities to traditional two-way radio systems. It improves important features for a higher level of oversight and efficiency. The level of enhancement is completely customizable based upon a vessel’s needs and budget.

Vessel Watch offers: 

Alarm Monitoring

Two-way radios can be integrated the vessel’s alarm system. As a result, in an emergency, Vessel Watch sends out instant and detailed alarm notifications to selected groups or individuals.

Remotely Control Alarms, Doors & Lighting

Pre-program quick commands and enjoy the flexibility and convenience to control lighting, sound, fans, and on-board devices directly from your handset.

Schedule Tasks

Vessel Watch can be programed to send out automatic reminders to appropriate crew members so that they don’t miss crucial tasks, meetings, etc. Additionally, there is a log that records completed tasks while providing legal documentation of each achievement.

Crew Call Button

Alert or call on a crew member in seconds by transforming a smartphone or tablet into a Crew Call Button. The press of one button sends an immediate service request to the crew member(s) of your selection. When the crew receives the call, they can press to confirm. The caller will see that they confirmed receiving the signal and are responding to the request.

Do You Need Hands-Free Reliable Communication?

OTTO Connect Wireless Intercom is a communications solution for teams requiring clear and hands-free communication. No need to press a button to communicate. Thanks to a Full Duplex feature, you can transmit and receive messages simultaneously. Regardless of noise, if you are within one mile of the OTTO, it offers a clear communication system that sounds like you’re in a conference room as opposed to on the deck of a noisy ship.

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