Mission Critical Communication Solution: What is TETRA?

Mission Critical Communication Solution: What is TETRA?

Public safety departments and other mission critical agencies rely on the highest-level communication system design for consistent contact that doesn’t cut out when it’s needed most. When it comes to ships and vessels, TETRA is the most reliable and proven all-digital radio communications platform. In proof, it is used by many Police Departments, Fire Departments, and other First Responders around the world—there are over 2-million TETRA radios currently in use.

What Sets TETRA Apart from Other Mission Critical Communication Solutions?

Mission-critical communications demand a stable, flexible, and reliable system. Hence, why Motorola Solutions created innovative TETRA infrastructure and radios. The TETRA Standard is trusted around the world, here’s why:

  • Option for private calls

TETRA allows users to make a private phone call to other on-board radios. With larger vessels, it’s common to carry around two devices—a two-way radio and a Wi-Fi phone. In most cases, a TETRA network eliminates the burden of carrying around two different devices. That’s because the vessel’s PBX can be integrated so that radios perform ship-to-shore calls, as well as receive shore-to-ship calls.

  • Integrate ship alarms

TETRA systems allow the intelligent integration of ship alarms with radio networks. This produces a hierarchy of alarms that can alert the on-call engineer all the way up to the Chief Engineer and Ship Captain. Authorities are reached on a per-shift basis until a response has been input to the alarm system.

  • TETRA radios are SOLAS Compliant

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) enforces an international maritime treaty that requires minimum safety standards regarding construction, equipment, and operation of merchant ships. SOLAS compliant radios must meet all radio communication requirements set forth, including fire and water proof radio qualities. A

  • Durable & waterproof

TETRA radios are ergonomically designed to increase performance and ease-of-use with a color screen and manageable interface. Rated IP67, these radios are incredibly durable and can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for as long as thirty minutes. Radios are outfitted with several emergency features, such as Emergency Call and Man Down. Additionally, architecture incorporates no-single-point-of-failure redundancy configuration.

  • 24/7 monitoring & technical support

TETRA radio systems come with 24/7 monitoring of network and remote analysis of network, as well as additional options for technical support. The optional support is available 24-horus a day and grants an experienced technician the ability to remotely access your TETRA network to conduct diagnostics and problem solve any issues. Even if you are hundreds of miles off shore and it’s 1 am. System failure is not an option with TETRA radio systems.

What Does Vessel Size Have to do with It?

Vessel size helps determine if one or several repeaters are necessary for full coverage on the TETRA network. Larger vessels require more repeaters to secure consistent coverage.  All repeaters are linked together via a Cat4 network cable. We are more than happy to discuss vessel size and specific requirements to help you determine the right TETRA network setup for yachts of all sizes and specifications.

TETRA radio solutions offer reliable, secure, and efficient communications that can be tailored to meet a wide variety of needs for different industries. In proof, there are more than two-million TETRA radios being used right now around the world. Learn more about the highest level of communication available, contact us today.