Two Way Radios and Camping

Two Way Radios and Camping

If you plan on heading out camping anytime soon, it is essential to ensure you have some way to communicate with those you are going with, or perhaps even those at home. Generally, most camping areas do not have cellular reception for adequate communication. Two way radios are a top necessity when it comes to camping so you can keep in touch with others. In times of an emergency or for basic communication, two way radios can come in handy. Here is why you should consider renting two way radios for your camping trip.

Emergency Situations

Camping is a ton of fun. From hiking to river rafting, the opportunities are endless. However, it is possible to run into some trouble while camping. We have all heard horror stories of people getting lost in the woods for days to weeks without help, or of those getting injured while camping. The last situation you would want to find yourself in is getting lost and having no one know where you are. Even if you are in a group, it is still possible to find yourself in this situation.

When hiking, carrying a two way radio with you can help ensure communication is possible when needed. If you and those you are with find yourselves off the path with no way back, a two way radio can be used to communicate with those on the other end, whether they are back at the campsite or at home. It is always vital to ensure the lines of communication are open when needed.

Yes, a two way radio can be left at home for you to communicate with others left behind if needed. Most two way radios expand up to hundreds of miles away. Therefore, people can easily connect if needed. Leaving a two way radio at home is not a bad idea to let your loved ones know you are okay.

If you do call someone for help on a two way radio, you can be assured there will be someone on the way to help in no time. Making it clear you need emergency services can also prevent others from getting lost when trying to find you.

For Basic Communication

As mentioned, communication with cell phones is not always possible on most camping trips. If a cell phone happens to receive reception, the reception will likely be unreliable and drop often. If you are traveling in a large group, it is a good idea to ensure that when split up each group has a radio for communication. While some people might want to hike at certain times in the day others might want to relax or perhaps bike ride instead. Radios can keep groups connected and updated on where they are throughout the day. When it is time to gather again, two way radios can allow for the needed communication. Campers will always be on the same page when activities are occurring, including meals. Avoid the frustration of not knowing where others are when you use two way radios.

Highland Wireless Two Way Radios

When camping, communication is essential. At Highland Wireless, we offer two-way radios that expand in coverage up to 300 miles. Communication is reliable and fast with two way radios. Two way radios are powerful options for radio communication and are being used for a vast number of services. If you are looking for a two way radio for your camping trip, Highland Wireless offers rental and purchase options to choose from. Ensure you are safe at all times when using a two way radio. For more information, contact Highland Wireless today.