Two-Way Radios and Yachting – The Perfect Match

Two-Way Radios and Yachting – The Perfect Match

Two-way radios are a great communication option for multiple applications. It is especially true for yachts and other marine applications. Onboard a yacht, staff and passengers can communicate easily and effectively with premium two-way radios. Offering complete coverage on your vessel, two-way radios allow you to communicate with personnel simply and offer exceptional value. Water-proof two-way marine handsets may sound like costly options, but in truth, they provide quality and value for your crew and your vessel.

Advantages of Two-Way Radios Onboard Your Yacht

Effective, reliable communication onboard your yacht is important, sometimes even critical, and two-radios are up to the task. Not only do they allow for exceptional onboard communication, but also help your staff perform their tasks and duties more effectively. Two-radios provide the advantage of effective communication when handling your guests’ needs and be better prepared in case of emergency to save lives.

Marine two-way radios provide these benefits for onboard communications:

  • Loud, clear audio
  • Hands-free operation
  • RF performance
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Wind-noise reduction
  • All-weather functionality
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Multiple User Channels
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Numerous privacy codes
  • Clear digital signal
  • Exceptional range
  • Full Duplex, Fully Conversational
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Quality accessories
  • No base station required

Choosing the Ideal Two-Way Radios for Your Vessel

Making the selection of the ideal two-way radio for your yacht can be challenging with so many options from which to choose. That is where the expert team at Highland Wireless comes in with the knowledge and experience to outfit your yacht with state-of-the-art handsets designed to effective wireless communication. From waterproof two-way radios to marine base wireless radios, marine signal boost repeaters, earpieces, microphones, and chargers, the team at Highland Wireless has the expertise to ensure you get the best equipment to meet your needs.

Additional Marine Equipment Options for Your Yacht

In addition to two-way radios, Highland Wireless offers a full range of marine communication and safety equipment for your yacht include Vessel Watch with alarm monitoring, quick command controls, task scheduling, and crew call.
Vessel Watch is a unique software solution which extends the effectiveness of your two-way radio system. Leveraging the digital radios data function, Vessel Watch offers features to help your crew perform more effectively. The software is customized for each unique yacht and enhances security, safety, hospitality, and management onboard. Vessel Watch can integrate with your yacht’s alarm system to send detailed notifications as directed. In addition, the software allows for the use of quick commands to control onboard devices, lighting, sound, fans, and more directly from your handsets. Task scheduling is also a part of the Vessel Watch programming which is designed to ensure crucial checks and maintenance occur on time and successfully. Crew Call allows you and your guests to transform smartphones and tablets into a virtual Crew Call button to summon crew members as needed. In fact, once a member of your personnel answers the call, confirmation is sent to your guests along with the name of the person responding.

Call on the Trusted Marine Communication Consultants at Highland Wireless

As Marine Communication Consultants, Highland Wireless provides every aspect of ideal, effective yacht communications customized for your vessel. From the planning stages to installation to support, the Highland Wireless team strives to exceed your expectations. When installing marine communications aboard your yacht the process begins with an initial consultation to access your needs. Next, comes the design and selection phase, followed by delivery and installation. Optimization of your marine communication gear follows and includes training your onboard staff. Finally, you can count on the team at Highland Wireless to support you and your communication devices following purchase and installation.