Two-Way Radios versus Cell Phones – Which is Best for Business?

Two-Way Radios versus Cell Phones – Which is Best for Business?

Knowing the massive use of cell phones in business today, many may ask if two-way radios (walkie talkies) are relevant. That is, until your mobile phone’s connection fails, and you can’t reach the person you need to during a crucial time in your business day. The truth is two-way radios offer some advantages that even the latest cell phone technology can’t match. Two-way radios are the oldest type of electronic communication in business environments, and today’s digital two-way radios are used everywhere from government to education, medical to manufacturing, and more.  Digital two-way radios are more reliable than ever and feature extended broadcast range, lengthy battery life, enhanced voice privacy, integrated data apps like GPS, text, and work order management, and more.  Let’s compare two-way radios to cell phones to help determine which (or both) is best for business.

Two-Way Radios Versus Cell Phones

Cell phones are great! They serve a number of useful purposes, but when it comes to reliable communication, they sometimes fall short of expectations. In every industry, communication is the key to productivity, safety, and success. The fact is state-of-the-art two-way radios offer all of this and more.

Coverage, Clarity, Safety

Two-way radios deliver exceptional coverage and clarity, reducing downtime which often occurs with cell phones as they lose signal strength or experience poor reception and dropped calls. Because cell phones operate in conjunction with cell towers, reception often fails in remote areas or rural regions. Every workplace needs successful, reliable communication to avoid loss of productivity and revenue. In addition, lapses in communication in some industries – manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and more –  can create critical safety issues. Today’s two-way radios don’t experience network outages, cell tower overload, or remote dead zones which cell phones do. Plus, two-way radios offer noise cancellation and gain control, which cell phones don’t have.

One-to-All, Customized, Secure

Two-way radios allow for enhanced communication with your entire team with one-to-many communication capabilities. Plus, two-way radios can be custom designed to fit your business’s communication requirements from to one-to-one to one-to-all and every combination in between. In addition, because two-way radios operate within a closed network, security is increased when compared to mobile phones which operate via a public network.  Because these radios are designed strictly for communication purposes, business communication becomes more efficient with programmable one-touch features designed for your business needs. As a result, functionality is enhanced with built-in texting capabilities, GPS tracking, and even project order management. 

Cost Effective, Durable, Reliable

Two-way radios are cost-effective when compared to cell phones which often have a myriad of additional fees. Created for durability, two-way radios are tough, able to withstand drops, shocks, vibration, and in some cases water damage. Plus, these digital radios are reliable with twice the battery life of most cell phones, making them the best for choice in the event of an emergency.

Safe while Driving

Two-way radios are available in mobile options which can be mounted inside vehicles for safe communication while driving. In addition, Bluetooth headsets as well as speaker mics are available to make driving and communication effectively even safer for users.

Two-Way Radios for Your Business

While cell phones certainly have a secure place in your business communications, two-way radios offer a number of advantages, including reliability, safety, and efficiency, which lead to greater productivity in the workplace. Across the board, industries rely on digital two-way radios for effective communication with no downtime. Let’s explore the benefits two-way radios can bring to your business, call Highland Wireless today and discover the best communication solutions for your business.