4 Benefits of On-Site Radio Systems

4 Benefits of On-Site Radio Systems

Do you need two-way radios to communicate across a larger area than they currently offer? Looking for a way to improve communication in a “dead zone”? That’s where on-site radios come in handy. On-site radios are a network system that amplifies the range that radios can communicate across. They are useful in a variety of settings and are designed based on a specific property or building, from college campuses to large industrial warehouses.

At Highland Wireless, we specialize in the design, engineering and maintenance of these systems. Our technicians are trained and certified Communications Site Installation Inspectors (R56) through the Electronics Technicians Association International. Thanks to in-depth training, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on sites with a variety of specifications and even challenges.

Noteworthy Benefits of Installing On-Site Radio Systems

Installing an on-site radio system offers a host of benefits, including:

  1. Improved communication capabilities

First and foremost, the biggest benefit is improvements in communication. There are many reasons why a certain venue or building does not get good radio reception, and luckily, on-site radio systems can solve these issues. Better communication equates to greater productivity, reduced mistakes, and the list goes on.

2. Systems are designed based on your needs

Systems are specially designed for your needs, as well as the design and layout of a building. You detail your needs and day-to-day operations, and from that an on-site radio system can be designed to accomplish exactly what you need. We always offer our clients several options including unique applications and functionality. That way you can feel confident about the system moving forward into the engineering phase.

Talk to us about your budget, ultimate goals, how you plan to grow and expand in the future – all of these things (and more) are relevant when it comes to developing the best system to fit your needs.

3. Systems are engineered to excel & meet regulation standards

Our systems are specially engineered to CAT5 hurricane standards. Furthermore, they also meet Miami-Dade County installation standards and regulations.

4. Systems can be updated as needed

Future changes or expansions can be accommodated so don’t let the fear of expansion hold you back from installing an on-site system. For best results, discuss your plans for changes or growth during the consultation phase.

On-Site Radios by Highland Wireless

Highland Wireless is leading the way with on-site radios in South Florida. Our 4-part system ensures the best results and includes:

  1. Consultation – we get to know everything about you and your needs. At this time, we offer multiple options and go over all the details to help you find the right option.
  2. Engineering – the engineering phase is conducted by our experienced technicians and engineers who create the appropriate infrastructure based on everything outlined during our consultation. A lot of planning and testing takes place during this phase.
  3. Installation – we provide the installation of the system and can conduct work after-hours to accommodate your business hours. During and after installation, we offer training so that everyone knows how the system operates.
  4. Maintenance – once the system is installed and working efficiently, our job still isn’t done. We offer ongoing system maintenance including upgrades, adjustments, fixing technical issues, and more.

All systems are tested and proven to operate with efficiency before the job is ever considered done. That way you can get the most out of your investment. Learn more about On-Site Radio Systems or contact us with questions.