Benefits of Two Way Radios During Hurricane Season

Benefits of Two Way Radios During Hurricane Season

While living in Florida, residents are likely to experience a hurricane or tropical storm at some point in their lives. However, a lack of preparedness can lead to disruption of normal operations for residents and businesses. As the hurricane season arrives, are you ready and prepared? When hurricanes occur, so do floods, downed trees, and power outages. If you work as a business owner, ask yourself if your team has an effective way to communicate. The same goes for residential homeowners and ensuring communication with loved ones during a storm. Two-way radios offer an ideal solution to keep families and businesses intact and connected during a weather emergency. Since power outages can keep you disconnected from your phone for days to weeks, two-way radios are an effective way to address issues and be proactive about problems that arise within families and businesses.

Although hurricanes in Florida often lead to area-wide power outages, less chaotic storms can also spark an outage or network failure. The use of two-way radios can ensure you are connected with who you need to be at all times.

Two-Way Radio Benefits

During a hurricane, business owners can successfully keep their staff communicating. Since power outages can last a few days or weeks, effective communication can ensure your business continues to thrive and does not lose profit. Two-way radios are also great communication tools for families to keep in touch with each other. Effective two-way radios also allow for a quick response to issues that arise and help keep everyone safe. Best of all, the radios are fully equipped with GPS to locate everyone in case of an emergency.

Preparing Your Two-Way Radios

Before a storm hits, test out your two-way radios to ensure they are functioning correctly. Testing your two-way radios can also check for adjustments and potential repairs. During hurricane season, ensure your batteries are fully charged. A full charge is essential, especially since charging them is impossible during a power outage. A less ideal situation would be using them for the first time during a storm and realizing they do not work correctly or are drained of battery. Providing your family or business team with a communication plan can ensure that everyone knows what to expect and how the business will operate during a hurricane. Prepping those with two-way radios to make sure they are trained on how to use them correctly is also essential so that everyone can be on the same page.

Why Retail Two-Way Radios Will Not Work

Now that you know the importance of two-way radios during a storm, it is also important to note the type of radios you might buy. Although going to your local retailer and picking up a few packs of walkie-talkies might seem like an ideal solution, it is vital to understand that these are not as efficient as commercial grade options. Retail bought walkie-talkies do not cover the same range as commercial-grade radios. Privacy also lacks when using these walkie-talkies as plenty of people will be talking over the same radio channel. Due to this, not all messages will successfully go through.

Rent Highland Wireless Two Way Radios

Commercial two-way radios from Highland Wireless offer affordable and effective communication solutions. Purchasing new commercial radios can be a huge investment when picking up more than two, that is why Highland Wireless offers a rental option. Be prepared for the next upcoming storm by renting two-way radios with battery extenders. You can rent these radios for as long as you need. Be prepared for hurricane season and contact Highland Wireless today for more information.