Could A 2 Way Radio System Save Your Business Money?

Businesses continually try and accomplish the same thing: reduce costs and generate more profits. Therefore it’s no surprise that time and time again we are asked if a 2 way radio system can help a business save money. The answer is yes! Radios help businesses save money in numerous ways. In this blog we detail how 2 way radio systems offer reliable communication as well as money-saving benefits.

Four Ways A 2 Way Radio Could Reduce Costs:

1. Ditch The Expensive Cell Phone Plans

What are your employees currently using to communicate? If the answer is cell phones, 2 way radios can already save you money because they offer a more affordable option. Golf courses commonly supply staff with 2 way radios, as opposed to pricey cell phones, in order to communicate across the expansive greens and clubhouses. Although larger operations that need to communicate across much vaster distances than a golf course don’t need to waste money on cell phones and data plans either. Thanks to the latest in Wide Area radio technology, you can use 2 way radios to talk to someone up to 300 miles away. This allows teams working near and far to save money and use 2 way radios over cell phones.

2. Avoid Additional Emergency Expenses

Accidents and emergencies are bound to happen; it’s just how the world works. Perhaps it keeps things exciting, a bit unpredictable. But even a minor emergency can turn into a catastrophe without the proper safety precautions in place. Big or small calamities call for one thing: reliable communication. If sufficient lines of communication are not secured problems (and monetary damages) can add up much faster. One way to ensure your employees are able to communicate no matter what life, or Mother Nature, throws in the way is to equip all employees with 2 way radios.

In a wide spread emergency cell phone lines quickly get tied up, and often connection is destroyed all together. When using a cell phone you have to wait for an available line to open up, hence how in a time of emergency there are no available lines to access. Radios have their very own dedicated line so that communication is always within reach and you never have to wait.

Some disasters can even destroy phone towers, cutting off service to cell phones as well as landlines. In this case radios once again may be the only working form of communication.

In a longer lasting emergency where power is not available, cell phones will die as soon as their charge is up, but 2 way radios can last for days.

Many businesses keep 2 way radios on hand just in case of an emergency in order to ensure a line of communication. By keeping employees prepared to communicate no matter what, you can reduce stress and save money in damages.

3. Increase Productivity

There are two reasons that 2 way radios increase productivity. One, they reduce distractions created by other forms of on the job communication, namely the cell phone. And secondly, they make communication quicker and easier to access.

When employees can easily get in touch with one another working together becomes a more cohesive task, even when working miles apart. This causes many businesses to turn to cell phones so that employees can get in touch back and forth. While some mobile phones even come with easy to use walkie-talkie features, nothing compares to the speed and ease of radio communication.

Plus, radios avoid the surplus of distractions created by cell phones. People find all kinds of things to do on a cell phone. Imagine if every employee spends as little as 15 minutes a day on their phone doing unrelated tasks, this adds up to a lot of lost productivity for your business.  2 way radios ensure access to a reliable communication system and also increase the amount of time employees spend working instead of being distracted by a cell phone.

4. Reduce Waste

When employees get busy doing their own thing, it’s easy for communication to falter and mistakes to be made. If employees have a fast way to communicate with one another it can actually save a lot of money. Time and time again we hear our customers say that 2 way radios keep everyone informed about inventory, this reduces the chance someone overbuys something or misspeaks about a product. With 2 way radios it’s much easier for workers to contact one another and avoid mistakes.

Benefits of 2 Way Radios

The benefits of obtaining a 2 way radio system for your business are plentiful. Overall they include:

  • Improved response times
  • Higher level of coordination between employees
  • Better control of operations in totality
  • Able to communicate one at a time, or as an entire group
  • Instant and accurate information
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Added safety

All of these benefits are great on their own, but when combined they can save your business a great deal of money.

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