Is There an Economical Option for Fleet Tracking Software?

Fleet tracking software offers many benefits including a decrease in operating expenses, a reduction in downtime, and maximized vehicle utilization. To reap the most benefits, it’s important to find an economical option. That’s why we offer iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras, a high-tech and affordable option for tracking your entire fleet of vehicles. From taxicabs to delivery vans, we serve a variety of industries with the goal of improving efficiency, safety, and oversight.


What is Fleet Tracking Software?

Fleet management software is an application that helps industries manage and coordinate work vehicles for greater oversight, safety, and productivity. In addition, the goal of these systems is to improve performance, reduce costs, and, in many cases, comply with regulatory standards. By installing a system you can track the location and activity of an entire fleet of vehicles.


iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras—What Are They?

Our iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras are an affordable option to gain greater oversight and control of your fleet and employees, while increasing customer satisfaction. If you operate a large taskforce of vehicles, you need a system to oversee day-to-day activities. Thus, offering you constant surveillance that you can view in real-time when the camera is in range of Wi-Fi. Cameras are programed to record the 15 seconds before and after an accident. That way, you have the footage you need and you don’t have to deal with an overload of data. Plus, you can store recordings in a centralized location for easy access.  Learn more about iDrive Fleet Surveillance Cameras


The Benefits of an Affordable Fleet Tracking Software

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to installing an affordable fleet tracking system. The goal is for the system to pay for itself, hence why an affordable and efficient system is so important. Some benefits of fleet tracking systems include:

  • Lower operating expenses

Fleet tracking software helps expedite processes, choose the best routes for vehicles, and ultimately reduce fuel consumption and overtime expenses. Plus, adding fleet tracking software can even reduce costs related to insurance premiums. In some cases, customers can reduce their insurance premiums by as much as 35%.

  • Stay on top of matters as they happen

iDrive Fleet Surveillance stores data 15 seconds before and after an accident. Allowing you to go over event footage to see what really happened, as well as offering proof if there is a dispute over cause of accident. Plus, you’ll know right away if there is an accident. Thus, allowing you to make the best decisions as soon as possible to protect your interests.

  • Take a proactive approach

You’ll be in the know if a driver is operating under unsafe practices. That means you can take action before something bad has a chance to occur.

  • Reduce uncertainty

The ability to track your fleet in real-time gives you more control and predictability—which is better for just about every aspect of your business.

  • Easy to use

Fleet tracking software is surprisingly easy to use and manage. It collects critical information that can be accessed remotely by fleet managers using mobile devices, computers, or tablets.

  • Cut back on paper work

Paper work is so 2001. Instead of keeping written (or typed) record of best routes, driver practices, and so forth, you can create an optimized system that does most of the work for you.


Want to Install Fleet Tracking Software?

We are more than happy to help you outfit your fleet for success. Contact us today to learn more and gain the upper hand.