Life Critical Communications – Only Two Way Radio Will Do

In a life or death situation, being able to communicate quickly is critical. Every second matters, and faulty technology may be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Having an understanding of the Two way radio industry, it is not hard to see why police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics use Two way radios. They are quick to connect, able to talk to multiple units at once, and durable in tough conditions. Unlike Cell phones, Two way radios are not used for games but for a critical purpose that it delivers for every time.

Two way Radios are quick to respond

Two way radio has the communications speed and ease of use that an important job needs. Radio is run off of frequencies that are specific to the user, meaning no other radios are using your line of communication when you are using them. Motorola and Kenwood are two great brands that offer transmit interrupt, which allows for one radio to transmit above any others. The power in this mode of communication is that it is built to work when you need it to, not work when it can.

Radio beats Cellphones

Imagine if a paramedic needed to dispatch a unit to pickup a heart attack victim, they may only have minutes, and used a cellphone. The dispatcher would dial a number, wait for a pickup, and hope they answer, drop the call, and start all over. Cellphones are great for leisurely conversation, but not when every moment counts to save a life. Radio is a tool that does what is needed to do, when it needs to do it. Cellphones are multipurpose and unreliable when it is needed.

Radio Can Withstand the Test of Time

The average cell phone may continue to work with wear and tear for 2-3 years. Two way radio is built and tested to withstand heat, water, weather, and falls for over 15+ years! A company looking to invest in critical communications will find a wise investment in a product that will work every time for years to come!

South Florida is full of industries that have life critical operations, Ambulance, construction, fire, police, security, and public safety to name a few. Highland Wireless is committed to selling the best product available to give a company the piece of mind it needs that its communications will work when it is critical that is works.