SL-7550 vs CP-200d: Motorola Two Way Radio Comparison

SL-7550 vs CP-200d: Motorola Two Way Radio Comparison

Today we are comparing two Motorola Radios, the SL-7550 vs CP-200d. Right off the bat, it’s easy to identify that the SL-7550 is far more advanced. The Motorola SL-7550 may be a better option if you need to train employees to use the device or communicate via text message. For more basic needs, the Motorola CP-200d two-way radio is still an advanced device that can satisfy just about every basic need.

SL-7550 Two-Way Radio: Breaking Down the Details

Tired of a bulky two-way-radio weighing you down? Motorola’s SL-7550 offers a thin, stylish, and advanced two-way-radio. Looking at its size, you can compare it to the size of most smartphones. The Motorola SL-7550 can be considered about half the weight of a standard two-way-radio.

Hospitality, retail, and a variety of other industries appreciate the sleek design of this radio. The Motorola SL-7550 can be used as an innovative digital communication device or a 2-watt UHF radio.

Four main features of this radio include:

#1. Sophisticated Lightweight Design with Bluetooth Connectivity

The Motorola SL-7550 offers advanced features that are pretty amazing considering its size. Users can take advantage of the Motorola SL-7550’s Bluetooth connectivity. You can send messages to nearby radios, connect to wireless headsets, and easily share contacts, sales data, phone numbers, and so on.

#2. Five-line Color Display, Keypad + Full-Color LCD Display Screen

These features enhance the appearance and usability of the Motorola SL-7550. Thanks to its display, users have access to a variety of messaging functions. Its user interface reflects most smartphones, this makes it easier to train staff to use the device. Plus, the display backlight is automatically controlled by an ambient light sensor.

#3. Premium Audio & Added Features Like Text Messaging

Motorola really checks off all the boxes with this device. You can create and send message now or save them for later. Plus, you can configure settings to generate reminders at certain times or instantly alert a supervisor. In addition, the Motorola SL-7550 delivers optimized voice transmission features that work to eliminate background noise.

#4. Advanced Programming

The Motorola SL-7550’s simple and sleek design is further complemented by its advanced programming capabilities and features. However, thanks to its user-friendly design its advanced features are also user-friendly. Programming options can be found by pressing one of the two programmable buttons on the side. Up to nine tasks can be programmed per button.

CP-200d Two Way Radio: Breaking Down the Details

The Motorola CP-200d two-way radio is perhaps one of Motorola’s most popular models. Its longstanding popularity has encouraged Motorola to continually improve and advance this device. Despite its rugged appearance, the CP-200d is lightweight and offers a functional design and interface. It can function in analog and digital modes.

Advanced features of Motorola’s CP-200d include:

  • Premium audio quality
  • Reliable coverage
  • Extended battery life
  • 16 channels
  • Dual Capacity Mode & basic privacy (digital mode)
  • Voice announcement
  • Digital Mobile Radio Standards

In addition, the CP-200d is a rather affordable radio that includes a two-year warranty.

SL-7550 vs. CP-200d – Which is the Best Two-Way Radio For You?

When comparing the Motorola SL-7550 and CP-200d two-way radios, you can instantly notice their design and features are distinctly different. The Motorola SL-7550 tends to appear more welcoming and easier to navigate. Overall, the Motorola SL-7550 is a much more advanced and user friendly two-way-radio. The list of features offered by the SL-7550 extend far beyond our summary above.

If you are searching for a relatively simple two-way-radio the CP-200d is an outstanding option.

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