South Florida Businesses Communicate Better with Radio

Communication is vital to the success of any growing business. A business that can serve its customers efficiently and quicker that its competition will succeed. Great examples that come to mind are tow truck companies that can communicate back to home base quickly to be alerted of a need or customer service floor people who can see opportunity and alert colleagues from across the store. Communicating in business is key, what matters is how you are communicating and what could improve your communications?

The norm in business today is to use personal cellphones for communications. In a small number of slower moving businesses they work, but Two-Way radio has been a consistent winner among most businesses in terms of speed and reliability. Two-Way Radio allows for instant communication amongst multiple people. No dial tones and no missed calls. Two-Way Radio can resist years of use and most every environment of use. Cellphones need to be upgraded every 1-2 years and are easily broken by a small drop or splash of water.

Small and large businesses alike have been using Two-Way Radios in South Florida to grow their business and become more efficient. A few examples of industries using Two-Way radios in South Florida include:

  • Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Towing
  • Security
  • Ambulance
  • Boating and yachting
  • Waste Management
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Hospitality