Two-Way Radios – A Must Have For Every Trekker

Two-Way Radios - A Must Have For Every Trekker

While smartphones offer a seamless way to connect to everyone in addition to a host of features and capabilities, sometimes simpler is better. For hikers, trekkers, and outdoor lovers, having a reliable means of communication is essential for safety and communication. While smartphones offer a lot of perks and benefits, they do not always perform well or maintain their connection out in the wilderness and rugged terrain away from cities and towns. 

One means of communication is two-way radios, allowing hikers and trekkers to stay connected with others while exploring beautiful destinations and searching for stunning vistas. Although they are relatively simple devices with few extra features beyond communication, they are proven tools that outdoor adventurers can rely on. Here are several reasons why two-way radios are a must-have for every trekker. 

They Are A Safety Measure 

Ensuring personal safety and that of your group is essential when out trekking. Two-way radios provide a means to stay connected and convey information to each other, whether that be your current location, changes to your plans, or if you spot something ahead that you need to warn others about. 

Whatever the reason, using them provides a means to stay in touch with one another and alert others in the case of an emergency. Seamless communication is essential for maintaining safety in the wilderness, which is why every trekker should have a two-way radio with them. 

Excellent Range 

In addition to offering a reliable means of communication, many two-way radio systems have excellent range capabilities, offering the ability to communicate over vast distances. While some devices may be well suited to shorter ranges over long distances, many radios will allow you to communicate over large open spaces and many miles while you are out trekking. This is especially important if anyone gets separated and is not within sight! 

Reliable Signal 

In addition to their long-range capabilities, two-way radios have strong signals that are unlikely to fail. Whether you are climbing up many hills and mountains or trekking deep into forests and ranging in vast open fields, you will still be able to reliably communicate with your group. This adds another layer of security and safety while you are out in the wild and keeps you connected no matter where you might be. With smartphones, the same is not always true, which is why you should invest in a set of two-way radios instead. 

Durable Build 

While smartphones are at risk of cracking from a hard fall, two-way radios offer a much more rugged build that has the harsh terrains in mind that trekkers like to spend their time in. Many two-way radios offer water resistance to ensure they survive a dunk in a pond and withstand a bout of rainfall, in addition to a durable body that will remain unfazed by a harsh fall. Not only does this make them more functionally suited to rugged environments, but having a communication device unlikely to fail at your disposal is an invaluable tool. 

Emergency Functions 

Last but not least, two-way radios often have emergency functions that can prove vital in a pinch. Many offer voice activation, allowing to you communicate without having to physically handle the device—which is helpful in a wide range of emergency scenarios. Additionally, two-way radios typically have a panic button that will emit a loud alarm to help you gain attention from your group or others nearby. While smartphones can perform similar functions, two-way radios offer these features in a rugged body that is durable and built to last in the wild. 

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