Two-Way Radios for Neighborhood Safety

Two-Way Radios for Neighborhood Safety

Your neighborhood is special place, home to community, friends, and neighbors. In all likelihood, one of the factors that drew you and your family to the neighborhood in addition to the amenities was the neighbors who already lived there. In nearly all instances, families are looking for communities where the children can enjoy some freedom safely, the whole family can join in neighborhood activities, and neighbors help one another and look out for each other.

Think about your neighborhood, children playing together, block parties, cook outs, garage sales, and more bring everyone together. They can also present safety issues in which two-way radios could help. Today’s two-way radios aren’t the walkie talkies of the past, but state of the art technology you can count on to keep everyone in the community safe.

Two-Way Radios – Effective Communication

Think of all the possibilities! Two-way radios could help you keep in touch with your kids who are playing in the neighborhood with friends, avoiding the need of confining them to your yard. And parents can check with one another, so the kids play safely and are kept from mischief or harm. When you are at the grill prepping for the cookout, walkie talkies make it easy to check on the progress of the rest of the preparations without leaving the grill. At block parties, garage sales, or other community events, all the neighbors can communicate instantly and easily, keeping an eye out for one another while everyone is enjoying the event.

Two-way radios are also ideal for neighborhood community watches. Watch members and neighbors can easily communicate inappropriate or illegal activities and pass the necessary information onto the local authorities. The result is as safer neighborhood that all the residents can enjoy.

Choosing Your Two-Way Radios

When selecting the best two-way radio for use in your community, look for these important features:

  • Two-Way Radio Size – No one in the community wants to carry an overweight two-way radio, especially not the kids. A small, lightweight radio can get the job done, with plenty of coverage for the neighborhood, simple to carry and easily heard when needed.
  • Two-Way Radio Range –  Your children and their friends can go a long way while playing in a short time, losing sight of you often without realizing it. This makes range an important component for the two-way radios you choose. Depending on the radios you choose, you’ll find ranges available up to 30 miles.
  • Two-Way Radio Battery Life – If your kids enjoy hours of outdoor play, you don’t want to worry about your radios being charged. The same is true on the day of community-wide event, you’ll want your radios charged and working all day into the night. Choose a model with a long batter life or those which can operate on standard batteries just in case.
  • Two-Way Radios and NOAA Weather – Getting alerts when severe weather is approaching is important when the kids are playing in the neighborhood, if you are hosting a pool party, or if the block party is about to begin. Most of today’s two-way radios feature NOAA weather channels, FM radio, and automated weather alerts to keep you safe.

Ready to Get Your Two-Way Radios?

Highland Wireless is ready to help you choose the best two-way radios to keep your neighborhood safe. We are an authorized dealer for both Kenwood and Motorola products from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville and are ready to help you meet all your communication needs. In fact, we’ll be happy to set up a free radio demo for you and your neighbors. Call today!