XPR-7550 vs XPR 5550: Comparing Two Different Motorola Two-Way Radios

XPR-7550 vs XPR 550: Comparing Two Different Motorola Two-Way Radios

What are the differences between the Motorola XPR-7550 vs. XPR-5550? For starters, the Motorola XPR-5550 is one of the most advanced two-way-radios available. In some cases, it might be too much radio for basic needs. While the features and technology of the XPR-5550 are rather exciting, the XPR-7550 should not be overlooked, especially if you don’t need as many features.

The XPR-7550 offers advanced technology and plenty of features to satisfy most needs. In addition, the XPR-7550 operates much like a smartphone. It is user-friendly and easy to train employees to use.

XPR-7550 Two-Way-Radio: Here’s What You Need to Know

This two-way-radio allows you to seamlessly integrate voice and data. The Motorola XPR-7550 is a user-friendly and advanced two-way-radio in the MOTOTRBO digital radio series.

It improves communication as well as overall efficiency by using Intelligent Audio.  The XPR-7550 features a 5-line full color LCD screen display. The design strongly resembles a smartphone. Some of its features even resemble those of a smartphone, such as GPS and Bluetooth. This two-way-radio is known for its combination of durability and sensibility. The Motorola XPR-7550 is a highly capable two-way-radio for use in just about any environment.

Advanced features of Motorola’s XPR-7550 include:

  • 5-line color display and programmable buttons
  • Bluetooth and Intelligent Audio
  • GPS
  • Expansion card
  • 1,000 channels
  • Extended battery life (powered by IMPRES)
  • Optional features such as Connect Plus and LTR/Passport
  • Durable and safe design

XPR-5550 Two-Way-Radio: What You Need to Know

Looking for an innovative “next generation” type radio that is a communication powerhouse? The Motorola XPR-5550 is everything you’ve been searching for and then some. This two-way-radio features hands-free operation with Bluetooth capability.

It offers users a solution to seamless operation and helps employees work safer and smarter. Take advantage of unlimited data applications, GPS tracking, work ticket management, and more.

Advanced features of Motorola’s XPR-5550 include:

  • Premium audio and quality
  • Bluetooth (audio and data)
  • GPS tracking
  • Text messaging
  • Customized expert applications
  • User-friendly full-color display
  • Flexible menu-driven user interface
  • Full backlit display (with day and night mode)
  • Increased security (built in scrambling)
  • Transmit interrupt
  • IP site connect
  • Limitless data applications
  • Durable design
  • Emergency button (optional)

XPR-7550 vs. XPR-5550 – Which Is the Best Two-Way-Radio for You?

If you’re trying to decide between Motorola’s XPR-7550 vs XPR-5550, there are a few things to consider. Both devices offer features such as premium audio, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The XPR-5550 offers exciting technology and features that will benefit your business and exceed your needs. It’s highly recommended for more demanding scenarios due to its added features. The XPR-5550 is a popular option in a wide variety of industries from delivery drivers to construction and maintenance crews.

The XPR-7550 doesn’t have as many bells and whistles but it can easily satisfy all basic needs. It resembles the design of most two-way-radios. On the other hand, the XPR-5550 looks much different. The Motorola XPR-5550 has a much smaller radio device supported by an additional device that is comparable in size to a Polaroid camera. In many cases, the XPR-7550 offers an effective and budget friendly option.

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